Course description

CCUS, the hunt for CO2 emissions has started !

The need for rapidly cutting down our CO2 emissions is appearing as more and more urgent, making it one of the largest challenges for the present generation. We are hearing a lots about the deployment of renewable energies but unfortunately these are, at the moment, not viable to cover all of our needs. We are still highly relying on carbon emissive solutions! This is where CCUS (CO2 Capture, re-Use and Storage technologies) comes in ! You will learn the different existing techniques available for capturing CO2 as well as the related challenges. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to propose and develop a CO2 mitigation solution for a concrete case study !

In this course, you will naturally discover people coming from everywhere in Europe, a lot of different cooking styles and of course various ways of partying !

Belgium, its fries, its 2.762 varieties of beer, its diversity and the crazy people from Liège are all waiting for you !

So take your good mood, your energy, and don't be shy, just apply !