Course description

Deep learning, the game changer in new technologies, is waiting for you!

Discover with us the technologies and techniques related to artificial intelligence and unsupervised learning ! Deep learning finds applications in a large panel of domains, ranging from speech and text recognition to self-driving cars. You will learn to implement, train and debug your own neural networks and gain some understanding of cutting-edge research in the field! You will also have the opportunity to visit high-tech companies creating or using innovative devices and techniques using deep learning.

In the Liège summer course, you will naturally discover people coming from everywhere in Europe, a lot of different cooking styles and of course various ways of partying !

Belgium, its fries, its 2.762 varieties of beer, its diversity and the crazy people from Liège are all waiting for you !

So take your good mood, your energy, and don't be shy, just apply !

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